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  1. crystal milligan on said:

    when i was a child, i would always spend the night with my grandmother before Christmas. she would rise early and bake all the holiday goodies filling the house with warm scents of Christmas. when I awoke, she would always let me have the first piece of her famous cherry cream pie. it always made me feel so special. those times are etched in my memory forever. i miss my sweet grandmother, but every Christmas, I bake her famous cherry cream pie for my own family and try to fill the house with warm Christmas scents just as she did many many Christmases ago.

  2. Lisa Williams on said:

    My favorite Christmas tradition with our children is that they receive 3 gifts on Christmas from us in keeping with the gifts Jesus received from the 3 wise men because noone should have more presents than Jesus on his birthday!

  3. Holli Kenney on said:

    My favorite holiday tradition is spending the night at my parent’s house on Christmas Eve. Even though my brother and I are both grown – and I am married with a child now – we all still get up early to open presents and mom still writes “from Santa” on all of the gifts. We sit around the Christmas tree and drink coffee in our pajamas until it’s time to start the “hustle and bustle” of Christmas Day. I look forward to those few hours all year long and I’m so glad my little one gets to experience it this year.

  4. Jamie Conn on said:

    Ever since I was a little girl…my sister and I would go “Stocking Stuffing” shopping with Grandaddy on Christmas Eve morning. He would take us to breakast which would be somewhere like Hardees or McDonalds but now since he lives in Memphis we love to go to Perkins. Then we all load up and go to Walgreens. We get our seperate baskets and off we go. Grandaddy always made sure the lady at the register wouldnt let us see what we got each other. Still to this day….I’m 28 years old and married and my sister is 25 years old we go Stocking Stuffing Shopping with Grandaddy who is 82 years young! My husband even participates too! Even when the sad day comes where Grandaddy is not here anymore…I will carry this tradition with my kids! (Yay..I have Jackson now 1 month old to celebrate with!)

  5. lindsey on said:

    My favorite holiday tradition is curling up on the couch with my husband and 2 dogs and watching our favorite Christmas movies.

  6. Kerri Parks on said:

    My favorite tradition is a “new” tradition that my husband and I started our first year as a couple and we are looking forward to sharing it with our daughters for the first time this year. On Christmas Eve, we load up in the car, stop and get lots of hot chocolate and drive around looking at lights and playing/singing our favorite carols.

  7. Marty Steed on said:

    One of our favorite Christmas traditions is having hot cider and watch all the children’s Christmas shows a couple of days before Christmas….These include ~ Frosty the Snowman, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and “Twas the Night before Christmas. Everyone gets to stay up late since school is out!

  8. Sara hendrix on said:

    I loved waiting till my parents got up to run down the stairs and see what Santa brought ! It was great to do it as a family.

  9. Dana Culpepper on said:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is on Christmas Day to just hang out with family in our pajamas all day. We cook a big lunch, open presents, and watch a Christmas Story! It is so relaxing and enjoyable.

  10. Demetria on said:

    My favorite traditions are yet to be written. I’m looking forward to starting new traditions with my little. I plan on baking cookies with him on Christmas Eve and reading Christmas stories. A tradition that I’m bringing from my childhood is going out to look at the lights on Christmas Eve. I’m so excited to make memories for us to treasure.

  11. Dawn Carter on said:

    We always got to open one gift on Christmas Eve, and it was ALWAYS new pjs to wear for Christmas morning.

  12. Casey Kickliter on said:

    My favorite tradition is on Christmas my cousins and I would go to my grandparents house to open presents. After we had dinner, under the tree there were three coloring books and crayons. We would all get our book and color because our family liked to start with the oldest person in the family opening gifts first!!!! That meant we did not get to open anything for a while!!! Since we were young and had no interest in tools or new sweaters……we would color until it was our turn to open. We still have this tradition and the grandchildrens ages now range from 28-23!!! It’s so hard to grow up! Now my husband and I love watching Christmas Vacation and Elf!

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