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I’m BACK! Lots of family posts to come:)

Okay seriously, I am a little bit jealous of this family. Gorgeous. Check. Funny. Check. Nice. Check. Photogenic. Check. Me and my sister, Shelley, used to dance with Mikelle growing up. Shelley and Mikelle are the same age so I didn’t know her as well as Shelley has but I was lucky enough to get to take their family pictures and they looked like a magazine family.

3 comments on “I’m BACK! Lots of family posts to come:)

  1. Stephanie Moore on said:

    These are beautiful Kara, I especially love the black and white pics they are perfect!

  2. Mikelle on said:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! You are amazing, and FAST. Thank you sooo much, yeah I love that black and white of the whole fam, it’s perfect~

  3. christina grissett on said:

    super fantastic! Your skin tones are out of sight. Send me your secret…. please!

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