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    I update my blog biweekly and share a portion of my life here. I've been in business for 3 crazy years. Its been a fun journey and I've been so blessed with wonderful clients. Come back soon and don't forget to comment:)

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Christmas is near!

Can you believe Summer is over and the Holidays are just about to begin? This year has just flown by. The weather outside is getting so nice. We can actually go outside and enjoy the days at the zoo or the park now. I get to go visit my family back in Idaho soon and when I get back I will be doing lots of family posts:) I can’t wait. An old friend on facebook commented on my status and said “kara you are really excited to come to Idaho?? Guess you forgot what its like”….haha. No I didn’t forget. I have come to appreciate it more than I used to. The safeness. The yummy food I grew up eating. My family and old friends. I am definitely excited to go! Book your family session if you haven’t already. I have a family promotion going on until the end of Dec.

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