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Fifty-Two Fridays “LIGHT”

I had a lot of ideas for this one but my fav was getting a cool “LIGHTNING” shot while we were having all of those crazy storms the other day. I was only out there for a minute before I started to get soaked, so there went that idea. I took this picture while touring around Downtown Memphis with a few friends last Summer. It was on top of the Peabody Hotel. The Sky was so cool that night.I thought it fit perfectly:) Happy Friday Everyone.

Make sure to jump over to Wendy Vonsosen CA blog to see her interpretation.

13 comments on “Fifty-Two Fridays “LIGHT”

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  2. Jasmine Sargent on said:

    Great shot!

  3. Gretchen on said:

    So creative! Such a beautiful image!

  4. Val Spring on said:

    Wow, look at that gorgeous blue sky!!!

  5. Gail Pomare on said:

    sorry bout those storms, they looked awful for you all. love this “light” though.

  6. kelsey {las vegas couples photographer} on said:

    Love this. The colors are great!

  7. Stephanie Moore on said:

    Lightening shots would of been awesome, but i’m sure it was so hard to get. Love the shadows here, way fun!

  8. Rebecca Mitchell {Big Bear Lake Photographer} on said:

    Lightning would have been so hard, sorry you got soaked! Memories of Summer are fun too! I can’t wait for Summer!

  9. Carrie Small on said:

    Wow this is VERY cool! I love it!

  10. Sara T on said:

    Ohhh, Dig it!! Cool lamp post!

  11. jules on said:

    love your take on light … gorgeous!

  12. breeze on said:

    love your take on light!

  13. Jolie Starrett on said:

    I love this interpretation!

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